Harness the power of Swansea Bay

A national roll-out of tidal lagoon infrastructure would contribute £27 billion to UK GDP

A macroeconomic impacts study has found that a national fleet of six tidal lagoon power plants would contribute £27 billion to UK GDP over the investment period 2015-2027.  Since many of the components can be sourced within the UK, tidal lagoon infrastructure investment offers one of the best returns in terms of GDP impact per pound invested when compared to other energy investments.

Click HERE to view Cebr’s report on The Economic Case for a Tidal Lagoon Industry in the UK, July 2014 

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How do we scale low carbon power cost effectively? 

Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay Events Roadshow

We will be exhibiting at a number of events throughout the summer and would be delighted to see you on our exhibition stand.  Do come and say hello if you are planning to attend any of the events. Details can be found on our News and Events page.

Photomontage Exhibition Roadshow 

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The UK’s first three tidal lagoons would deliver significantly cheaper power than offshore wind

An economic study into the cost profile of power from tidal lagoons has found that a portfolio of three UK tidal lagoons, in operation by 2021, would deliver large-scale low carbon power at a significantly cheaper price than offshore wind. To see the full report by International Consultants Pöyry click here: Levelised Costs of Power from Tidal Lagoons.

3D Model

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Interactive 3D Model

The Project

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