Proposal overview & vision

An opportunity to harness indigenous, low carbon electricity that is both affordable and sustainable long-term

The Severn Estuary holds the second highest tidal range in the world and within this Swansea Bay benefits from an average tidal range during spring tides of 8.5m.  The construction of a tidal lagoon to harness this natural resource would help the UK transition a low carbon future with greater energy security and lower electricity costs, while providing regenerative economic and recreational benefits to the local community.

Our vision  is to pioneer a large-scale source of indigenous, low carbon electricity that is both affordable and sustainable long-term.  The proposal for a tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay establishes a scalable blueprint for our vision and delivers:

  • The world’s first, man-made, energy-generating lagoon, with a 320MW installed capacity and 14 hours of reliable generation every day
  • Clean, renewable and predictable power for over 155,000 homes (equivalent to 90% of Swansea Bay's annual domestic electricity use) for 120 years
  • Large-scale tidal power connected to the National Grid, as other power stations are closed down
  • An important contribution towards national carbon emission reduction targets – over 236,000 tonnes of CO saved each year 
  • An opportunity to develop a world-leading tidal range industry in the UK 
  • Significant employment and value creation in Wales
  • Community and tourism opportunities in sports, recreation, education, arts and culture
  • Conservation, restocking and biodiversity programmes
  • Coastal flood protection

 Energy context

UK electricity demand is increasing while the generating capacity of our aging power infrastructure declines. The challenge created by these circumstances is enhanced by dwindling global fossil fuel reserves; by instability in many fossil fuel-producing regions; and by the need to decarbonise power generation in the face of the threat of climate change.

Finding viable alternatives to fossil fuels is essential and the UK has made legally-binding commitments to deliver 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020. Currently, just 5% of our power is renewably sourced.

The UK must diversify and expand its renewable and indigenous sources of electricity.  It needs large-scale solutions that can be connected quickly and deliver long-term, low-cost, reliable and predictable power to our communities.  Tidal lagoons meet these criteria and are a vital part of our future energy mix.

3D Model

Download and explore a 3D model of the lagoon.

The Project

Click on the image below to view the project film.


See how the lagoon will bring a range of positive benefits.


View our Planning Application.

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